• Fix the Union

    Automate room bookings

    Let's make it easier for our volunteers to engage

    Room bookings have been a travesty in recent years, making it difficult for students to engage. I want to automate the room booking system, so that it requires less human intervention and speeds up the process.

    London Living Wage for student staff

    Let's pay our student staff what they deserve

    Our student staff do some of the hardest work at our university. It’s time they were paid the London Living Wage, in line with other major London universities.

    Protect Reynolds Bar

    Let's ensure student spaces on other campuses keep thriving

    Having recreational space is important across Imperial, but especially for students on other campuses. We need to invest in Reynolds, not reduce the service there.

    Keep you in the loop

    Let's bring all students into decision making

    Too often, we find out about important conversations happening within the Union and between the Union and College after decisions have already been made. I want to involve students in these conversations, so that things don’t just happen over our heads.


    I’ll also hold office hours in every department, so I’m not just an anonymous face in the Union Building.

  • Challenge the University

    Oppose cuts and price hikes to campus services

    Let's change the way the university makes financial decisions

    Our counselling service is underfunded, and campus services make new cuts every year.


    Meanwhile, rent in halls and the price of food on campus steadily increases. There is no reason for this to be the case: Imperial runs an £80m surplus – they have the money to fund our services.

    Promote ethical investments

    Let's ensure Imperial's investments are ethical and sustainable

    A forward-looking, scientific institution has no business investing in regressive industries. Following existing Union policy, I am committed to pressure the university to divest from all unethical investments, and put our money in sustainable industries instead.

    Decentralise Decision Making

    Let's bring a bottom-up approach into decision-making

    Did you know that in order to change the temperature of a lab at Imperial, you have to email a central office in South Kensington. Recently, this resulted in disruption to a large number of experiments being disrupted over at Silwood: this is a ridiculous situation.


    If elected, I will make sure those affected by decisions taken are involved in decision making processes. I will also lobby the university to make sure decisions are taken at the lowest possible level – within campuses, departments and faculties, in cases where there is no need for the involvement of anyone more senior.

  • How will we make this happen?


    Previous teams in the Union have tried to challenge College before on this matters, but have fallen short. This is because each issue is taken individually: we argue with different middle managers. My plan is more holistic.


    I want to fundamentally change the way decisions are made at Imperial, increasing the representation of students at the highest levels of the university, giving us more control over all aspects of university life. This is a bold plan, but I believe its achievable, and gives us the greatest chance to make a real difference at Imperial. I’m already working with various senior members of staff towards this.


    I believe that with greater involvement of students at the top of the university, with more cooperation between students, academics, and senior managers, we can make Imperial a better place.

  • My Experience

    Throughout my time here I have thrown myself at many opportunities, gaining a lot of experience - I know the Union inside out.

    As an academic rep, I've had 3 years of experience negotiating with staff members. Highlights have included:

    • Pushing for a common room for Life Sciences: a proposal for this is currently working its way through College.
    • Bringing undergraduate teaching assistants into my department: paying 4th years to supervise freshers.
    • I also helped end the zero tolerance policy on late coursework.

    I've been on the Union's Board of Trustees, so I'm familiar with the Union's finances, policies, & disciplinary procedures.


    I've held various roles on society committees, organising socials, meetings, and a lecture series.

  • Want to see these policies implemented at the Union?

  • Who's voting Abs?

    Don't just take my word for it; let's hear what Imperial students have to say.

    Lloyd James

    RCSU President 16/17

    During my tenure as RCSU President, Abs was the Dep Rep for Physics. He was by far the most active and most engaged rep I've worked with through my 4 years in representation at Imperial. He led several new initiatives in Physics (including introducing paid Undergraduate Teaching Assistant roles), and has frequently worked with others on Council to push through bold pro-student initiatives.

    Andrew Hill

    CGCU President 18/19

    During my time as CGCU President, I’ve seen how students’ views are consistently ignored by senior staff within College and the Union itself. Abhijay Sood is the only candidate who will actually stand up to those who stop your voice being heard.

    Michaela Flegrova

    RCSU VP (Education) 18/19

    I have worked with Abs for two years as a rep in Physics, and he's always been aiming to improve the student experience, not only in his department but across the whole university.

    Michael Edwards

    RCSU President 17/18

    Michael Edwards I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Abs for two years on the RCSU committee and his dedication and willingness to challenge the status quo set him head and shoulders above the rest. His platform is the invigorating bolt ICU needs to rediscover itself as an effective student organisation, and he embodies the change we want to see.

    Hunain Nadeem

    PhySoc VP 17/18

    Since joining Imperial, Abhijay has always made himself known as a friendly face and one you can always turn to for advice, guidance, and general support. He has been a key figure in my time at Imperial and I’m sure others who have been encouraged by him to take up new things and use the platforms we have as students to voice ourselves feel the same way. In my mind, it’d be foolish for Abs not to become Union President given his positive influence on myself and so many of my colleagues.

    Karmanya Sareen

    EEE Academic Dep Rep 17/18

    The experience, knowledge and relationships Abhijay has in the Union and college are his biggest assets. As President, he will be able to do more effectively and efficiently what he has been doing as a student rep anyway. He has always kept student interest his utmost priority. Without fail. And I know that he will continue to do so.

    Owen Heaney

    Council Chair 17/18

    In all my time at Imperial I have never known anyone so committed to furthering the interests of students as Abs. He is the only candidate with the experience, drive and vision to deliver real and lasting change at our university. That’s why I’ll be voting for Abhijay Sood for Union President.

    Tim Marley

    PhySoc President 18/19

    Abhijay is the obvious choice. He has more drive and conviction than anyone I've ever known, and he is the best chance we have to make meaningful change.

    Andrew Olson Gallardo

    CGCU President 15/16

    “Fixing the Union” requires an understanding of the structural issues that condition ICU, a commitment to listening to others and the courage to stand up to those responsible and make them accountable. In all my years involved in the Union, I’ve never seen anyone more prepared and capable than Abhijay.

    Daniel Wigh

    Knowledge Sector Chair 18/19

    I sat on Union Council with Abs this year, and in my opinion, there are few people that are as committed to bettering the Union and making the student experience the best it can be. As the chair of the Knowledge Management Group, I am convinced that Abs will work efficiently towards solving some of the issues that matter the most to us as students, from frustrating union processes to funding cuts, and achieve results that will benefit the student body for years to come.

    Paul Balaji

    DoCSoc VP

    I've seen first hand the heart and soul he puts into his work, and had the pleasure of seeing him shine bright in various roles from PhySoc to Union Council.

    Every step of the way he strives to implement his ambitious ideas and quite often raises the bar on what it means to be a student representative in the union - all the way up to the point now where I strongly believe he would make a fantastic union president.

    You don't change things by living under a rock, like a hermit or crab. You change things by electing forward-thinkers - so vote for someone, like Abs.

    Helen MK

    RSMU Welfare Officer 17/18

    I’ve known Abhijay for two years through my role as a wellbeing representative in the RSMU. He is a thoughtful and highly motivated individual, and during the time I have known him has made a point of listening to students and fellow volunteers. To this end he is ever present around campus, whether it be at Union Council, assisting the UCU, greeting students old and new at the Freshers’ Fair, or supporting wellbeing representatives to run activities such as World Mental Health Day. In my opinion he would be an excellent representative for the student body and I am confident that he would be able to deliver on his ambitious goals.

    Shervin Sabeghi

    RCSU VP (Welfare) 18/19

    I’ve known Abhijay since he ran for year rep in our first year. Now over three years later, he’s running for Union President and I can’t think of anyone else who would be better for the job. As I saw first hand when we worked together as faculty reps last year, he devotes so much of his time to representing the best interests of students and knows how to engage people to support a cause. A prime example is his efforts to get Life Sciences a common room.

    If Abs is Union President, he won’t fail to challenge College on real issues that affect students, and he will change our Union to be more transparent and to work for its students.

    Rhidian Thomas

    Ethics and Environment Officer 17/18

    Over his years at Imperial, Abhijay has consistently enacted real, positive changes – whether it be in working towards a common room for Life Sciences, or in securing 4th year teaching assistants in Physics. I’ve seen this myself; when I needed the Union’s support to fix the issues with the 2015 bursary, Abhijay was there to help immediately. Not only does he understand how the Union works right now, but more importantly he has a vision for how it needs to change to better support the students of Imperial: Fix the Union, Challenge the University.

    Many of us have been fortunate enough to have Abs fighting our corner during our time at Imperial; now is our chance to make sure that another generation of students will have as capable and talented a representative as we’ve had. Vote Abs for Union President!